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Because It’s Hard to Make a Great Website…

While every small business needs a fantastic Website, iconic Branding Campaign, and comprehensive eMarketing Plan to tell their potential customers about their amazing products & services, most Owners struggle with where to start and how to pay for it all. So instead of doing it the right way the first time, they end up creating a homemade website and an ineffective marketing campaign that doesn’t produce sales.

Digital Empire

Your Website is the Capital of your Digital Empire

The first mistake most Owners make is NOT realizing that their website is the “Capital of their Digital Empire.” So, they waste valuable time/energy creating social media ads that might attract attention, only to lose out on these potential customers because their website isn’t able to close the sale. To be clear, most all of your conversions (revenue) happens on your website!

This lack of understanding is why I specialize in helping Small Business Owners create their entire eMarketing Plan / Branding Campaign from the ground up, at a fraction of the cost of the big design agencies. This includes everything from your company name and slogan to your logo, business cards, website, email newsletters, and facebook ads. And when you’re ready, I’ll take care of your postcards, letterhead, promotional videos, company polo shirts, and large format banners too!

You know you have a great product / service that makes your customer’s lives better… Together, we can develop a plan to effectively reach the right people, in the right places, with just the right message for them…

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