Free Client Consultation

I love meeting with clients! It’s actually one of the most interesting and exciting parts of my job… When I sit down with a potential client during a free consultation, I always ask the same question: “What’s your story?” Whether you own a winery, are starting a new non-profit, or have an idea for a new business, everybody has a “story” and they’re all so unique. Hearing these different stories is a blast! After hearing the clients mission and vision for their project, I then get to explain all the different resources they could possibly utilize to help accomplish their goals… From websites, blogs, and social media (facebook / twitter) to email marketing and print flyers, I explain the “ins and outs” of Digital Marketing. At the end our consultation, my goal is for the client to walk away with a better understanding of their needs and their possible options with regards to marketing their company.

Consultation = Two-Way Interview

I don’t work with just anybody. In order for me to take on a new client, it is essential that I believe in the clients mission and that the client trust my professional judgement. In order to create an effective Marketing Campaign, it is necessary that we’re all on the same team.That said, I refuse to work on Adult Industry Sites, Get Rich Quick Schemes, or anything that aims to take advantage of Seniors. There are plenty of designers / developers who are willing to work on morally questionable projects, but that’s just not my style.

Let’s Talk!

I definitely like to start every relationship with a face-to-face meeting if at all possible. Drop me a line and lets get the ball rolling: 727.366.0540