Above all things, I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  (Or, at least I try to be… I fail at this more often than not).

Second, I am a husband, married to the most wonderful woman I know.

Third, I am a father to three beautiful little girls.

And the list goes on:  Son, brother, friend, rival, success, failure… But of all the titles I wear, I believe the most accurate is one is Journeyman of Community Building.

In the trades industry, a Journeyman ranks above an Apprentice, but below a Master.  And that’s where I believe I am in this process called life…  I been around long enough to ‘know’ better, but not long enough to actually ‘do’ better, at least not consistently.  But I continue practicing.  Studying.  Growing. Developing.  Evolving.  And hopefully, one day I will move from ‘Becoming’ to simply ‘Being’ a true Builder of Community as I believe that’s what Real Men do.  They build up communities of positive focus that contribute to the greater good of society.  I believe that’s what Jesus did and I believe that’s also what Christ called us to do.

Here’s to the Journey!