Day 42 – Ticos vs. Gringos

This morning, Jorge and I returned to elementary school to drop off the invitations for the soccer camp. We didn’t see the Principle, but we saw the Vice Principle and he said the Principle would give us a call later in the day to confirm. The VP said it wouldn’t be a problem.

After that, we packed up a big bag of rice, beans, salt, sugar, eggs, spagetti, fruit, and a solar powered audio bible and headed up to visit Patricia (the lady who lives on the mountain below the first cross). When we arrived, Patricia, her sister and her neice were preparing a meager lunch for themselves over the wood fire. They were very grateful for the food… We also learned that Patricia’s sister is pregnant (3rd child, no husband). That said, we will be bringing baby clothes up the next time we visit. So, we prayed with them, showed them how to use the audio bible (remember, Patricia can’t read or write) and then made our way down the mountain.

Tonight, the USA played Costa Rica in a World Cup Soccer Qualifier! Though none of us give a rip about USA Soccer, the Ticos flip out for their national team (even though they aren’t all that good). So, Spencer invited all of the Ticos who are on staff over to watch the game on the projector in the chapel. It was really great… They all brought their families and we ordered a ton of pizzas! Unfortunately, Costa Rica mopped the floor with the USA Team. And boy did they celebrate after each of the three goals! Whooping, hollaring, and moshpit / coreographed dancing! What a riot!