Day 41 – Crack

Jorge, his wife Marisol, and I took the bus down to San Jose this morning to pick up some Gold, Silver, & Bronze Medals for the Children’s Soccer Tournament that the team will be putting on next week. While walking around downtown San Jose, we passed by a young man huddled against a city building, attempting to block the wind that was blowing his lighter out… After a double take, both Jorge and I knew for sure that this guy was literally smoking crack right in front of us.

Talk about breaking my heart… 11am on a Tuesday and this guy is smokin’ a rock in plain sight on a city sidewalk. I had no idea what to do, so we just kept walking. :(

After lunch, Jorge, Bonnie and I went to CCA Church for our 2pm meeting with the facilities director (we’re trying to rent the soccer fields for our tournament next week). Though we had made an appointment with the guy on the phone this morning and we showed up fifteen minutes early, it turns out that he had already went home for the day when we arrived!!! After talking with the security guard (who happen to have the scheduling book for the field reservations), he called the facilities director on his cell phone. Once on the phone, the facility director asks if we can call him tomorrow afternoon to discuss!!! What kind of inefficiency is this!!!

Apparently, Costa Ricans don’t like to be direct, so rather than say “no”, they just dodge you until you quit asking. Needless to say, I was pretty upset about the poor handling of the situation and we went to the soccerfield down the road and rented there. Though I would have much rather rented the churches field, incompetence previaled today.

This afternoon, we stopped by a local elementary school and told him about the Principle about the soccer camp. We requested that the third grade teachers pick their 40 best students (20 boys / 20 girls) to attend. The camp is free of charge and each participant will receive a fee soccerball, a uniform, shin guards, and a pair of cleats! The principle said to bring by the invitations tomorrow and he would give us a decision then.