Day 40 – New Plan

This morning, Bonnie went to the Feeding Center with Candy where they taught the women how to crochet and I went over the the church plant and helped Jorge and Victor put on a new tin roof over what will soon be the children’s room! I also finished a five foot cinder block wall! I’m pretty sure that my parents are regretting all the money the spent on my college tuition, seeing as how I’m doing manual labor on a daily basis (for free). :) So as not to completely waste the tuition, I spent the afternoon working on websites and actually making a couple of dollars.

This evening, we had a staff meeting to finalize the plans for the team that arrives on Friday… I’m starting to get a bit emotional because I really do love working here and leaving is going to be very difficult. But, yesterday during service God put it on both mine and Bonnie’s hearts that we really needed to get back here as soon as possible. Thus, it looks like we will be foregoing OUR plans of travel in August and September and coming straight back here after youth camp in TN. Like my Mother always says, “If you want to make God laugh, just make plans.”