Day 39 – Iglesia Celebracion

This morning, it was the 2nd Official Service at Jorge’s new church and there were over 50 people there! I can’t believe it! 10 days ago, the place was a recycling center!!! And now it’s a legit church! Only God could have accomplished this…

As a parting gift, the Wade Baptist team bought 50 new chairs (bringing the total chair count to 75), more paint, and a couple of fans (the place gets really hot). What a blessing. Often times, people get mixed up and they think that “church” is a just a building. It’s not until you get a group together who are rocking out to some great live worship music in an old warehouse that you realize that “church” has very little to do with a building. We are “the church”. The building and the carpet are just props.

When we first started working on the warehouse remodel, one of the team members asked me about putting a “rock / stone face” on the front of the building. When I asked him how much it might cost, he replied “only about a grand”. I then informed him that most of the people who were going to come to this church didn’t have enough food for both them and their children, nor did they have the $184 to send their kid to school for the year. Needless to say, we went ahead and stuck with the big, green, metal warehouse door on the front of the building.