Christmas Wishes

Every night at dinner (for the month of December), we’ve been playing a game with Lexi & Lili where we count our blessings and our nightly reward is to put $10.00 towards a donation to the 6:8 Ministries – Living Waters Children’s Ranch. Lexi fully understands that there are children in the world who “don’t have mommas and papas” and that the Boulter Family is going to use the money we donate to 6:8 to build homes for and give families to those children. As such, she is a full supporter of the Ranch project…

“The vision for the Living Waters Children’s Ranch is to create a safe and caring place for disadvantaged children. The ranch is located on 17 acres of beautiful farmland on the outskirts of a rain forest. Once completed, there will be 10 “family homes”, a chapel, and a working farm. Each “family house” will have two loving parents and will have the capacity for up to eight children.”

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As our family is already blessed beyond belief, we would like to share our blessings with those in need by “donating our Christmas” to the Children’s Ranch. We invite all of our family and friends who might have considering getting any of us (i.e. Lexi & Lili) gifts to instead partner with us and make a financial contribution to the Children’s Ranch.

We have been partners and supporters of 6:8 Ministries and the Boulter Family for years (Lexi is named after their oldest daughter Alexis) and they continue to be the hands and feet of Christ in Costa Rica. As such, if you’re looking to both show our family some love and contribute to a worthy / well managed charity, then we encourage you to forgo getting us any gifts and simply donate to the Living Waters Project.

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We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year filled with hope, love, and family!

God Always Provides,
Omar, Bonnie, Lexi, Lili, & #3