Day 31 – Amazing Day.

The day started off with a quick walk through the Saturday Morning Market to get some fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh tomatoes, fresh mangos, and fresh bananas on our way to the team house. After that, it was right to work at the recycling center (that is now the new church plant)… First, we dismantled the office and moved it to the back of the building to reassemble. Then we mixed batch after batch of concrete and poured 10’x10′ slab, a 5’x10′ slab, and a repaired the floor in what will be the childrens room. Next up, we had to build a cinder block wall along with weld together the frame of the stage. After that, half of the team ran down to the team house and mixed yet another batch of concrete so that we could re-seal and repair the septic tank (did I mention we did this in the rain?).

Once the septic tank was done, we had dinner and then Bonnie and I did our “God the Potter” presentation. Apparently, the Holy Spirit was in a very convicting mood during our presentation as most all of the people in attendance have relayed this info to us :) And if that wasn’t enough, Jorge and his crew came over and we had a phenomenal worship session, Tico style. (If any of you think your worship team get down, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve danced with Jorge’s crew – CrossRoads can vouch for me!)

Today has honestly been very emotional for me as I can’t help but reflect on the fact that God has been preparing me for this day my entire life… All of the time spent working on projects with my parents and older brothers was preparation for the building makeover. The years of seminars on “presentation skills” and “effective communication” were not so I could further the wealth of corporate america, but it was so I could interpret the illustration of God the Potter and share the testimony that God has created in my life. And the leadership training was not so I could simply run my own business, but so that I could lead teams through the ghettos of Costa Rica on prayer walks…

I never would have believed it before. 20 / 20 hind-sight.

God has a better plan.