Day 30 – Prayer Warriors!

Today was absolutely wonderful… We started off with a staff meeting first thing in the morning. Now, I’ve been to a lot of staff meetings through my career, but none like this. The purpose of the meeting was to go over the schedule of the next two teams that are arriving, but it was also to get all of the staff members (which are more like family members) on the same page. What started two and a half years ago with just Spencer’s family on the ground in CR has now grown to fourteen people! It was a wonderful sight to see to how God is growing this ministry. :)

At noon, the team from Celebration Church in Jacksonville showed up and got directly to work! The group of eleven men went straight over to the new church building (former recycling plant) to start cleaning up and making plans for the renovation. After about an hour of clean up, we took the team on a prayer walk through Alajuelita and Juan Pablo. This team absolutely caught me off guard… When eleven guys (20’s and 30-somethings) show up and are amped up about construction work, it’s expected. But when they go on a prayer walk and all of them pray with AUTHORITY, that to me is impressive. These guys are serious about their faith! It’s like a huge pot of testosterone and faith stew! We must have stopped by nine different houses on our walk and these guys prayed with the families like they meant it at every stop!!! I heard shouts of “Come on, God!” and “Come on, Jesus!” several times!! It was really great!! I’ve never seen a group so enthusiastic about a prayer walk as these guys were… Did I mention it was raining the entire time?

This evening, Spencer gave the devotional about “Taking up your Cross” (Luke 9:22-26). At the end of his message, he said “When eleven men like you come together and live all out for Jesus, they can change the world… I know because it’s already happened once.”