38 Backers, 19%

By the world’s standards, the Journey Notes’ Kickstarter project was a complete failure.  With only 38 backers and 19% of the budget raised, it easily falls into the category of “not even close”.

Fortunately, I don’t exactly see eye to eye with the world and her views.  Or more accurately said, I choose not to.

At the beginning of this project, I prayed that God’s Will be done.  So, rather than dwell on the money that wasn’t raised or the people who didn’t answer the call for support, I will celebrate those did.  Rather than throw in the towel and resign to the saying of “at least I tried”, I will simply add this loss to the long list of failures that must come before a victory.  And rather than blindly plow forward with this project under the guise of “never giving up”, I will gratefully accept that this method wasn’t His will…

Not His Will?!

Which part of this project wasn’t God’s Will?  The writing of a book?  The telling of stories?  The fundraising?  The timing? Or all of the above?

Candidly, I’m not yet sure.  What I do know is that everything always works out as it should, and this will too.  Not in my timing, but in His.  And not for my glory, but for His.  And not according to my plan, but according to His plan, which is always far better than I ever could have imagined.

So, for now, I will go back to blogging, and podcasting and perhaps one day the book will come together…  If it be God’s Will.

As a special thanks to those who supported this effort, I have listed your names below.  It is but a small token of an appreciation that I can’t even begin to express.  Additionally,  if and when (most likely when ;) this book actually does come together, you will all receive free, personalized copies for your gracious support.  Lastly, I promise to keep each of  you individually and collectively in my prayers.  Should any of you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to call on me.

Fail quickly and adapt.


Amazing Backers

  1. Kaylene Fairchild
  2. Devin Schechter
  3. Dan Denney
  4. Aiyana Baida
  5. Hilda Bravo
  6. Ricky Manivong
  7. Leslie Mohlman
  8. Michael Hayes
  9. Shital Chheda
  10. Heather Hendershot
  11. Jeff Van Dyke
  12. Maria Gibson
  13. Annalicia Bravo
  14. John B. Rodgers
  15. Aaron Lukosavich
  16. Becky Hamm
  17. Mike Posso
  18. Elizabeth Bunbury
  19. Jeremy Ratliff
  20. Matthew Brunnig
  21. Martha Longshore
  22. Geraldine Wylie
  23. Rob Vanasco
  24. Tyler Jacobsen
  25. Robert & Shauvon Powell
  26. Charlie Parker
  27. Heidi McHardy
  28. Moises Gutierrez
  29. Blake & Amanda Clark
  30. Karine Bob Rivet
  31. Rene Gonzalez
  32. Nancy Holmes
  33. Jeff Sullivan
  34. Tish Bryant
  35. Corina McHardy
  36. Gary Bricker
  37. Lorenzo Lopez
  38. Jesus Nunez