Let Go

A lecture on Letting Go of that which is unproductive in our lives in order to focus on that which matters most…


Let Go…

  • Our Past  (Who We Were)
  • Our Ideal Future  (Who We Were Supposed To Be)
  • Our Hurts  (What Doesn’t Kill You)
  • Our Wins  (Your Last At Bat)
  • The Excuses  (A Lot of Stuff Going On)
  • The Expectations  (Live & Let Live)
  • The Dead Weight  (Spring Clean Everyday)
  • The Fear  (You Will Fail)


Focus On…

  • Today  (No Guarantee For Tomorrow)
  • People  (Relationships Are All That Matter)
  • Passion  (Do What Makes You Come Alive)
  • Execution  (Talk Is Cheap.  Actions Speak.)


Above All…

Seek to leave every situation better than you found it.  If nothing else, do not make the situation worse.