About Journey Notes

Life is a Journey… These are my notes.

One step at a time, we all travel through an endless array of obstacles that make up our lives. At times, we are called to climb mountains. At other times, we are required to roll down the hillsides. Some days take us for a stroll along the beach, while others have us taking cover from the ocean’s storms…

In my short life, I have seen and experienced many things. Some have been difficult, some have been challenging, some have been tragic, but most have been glorious. Regardless of the circumstance, one thing has always been consistent in the end: I was wiser and more experienced for having ventured (and persevered) through.

If only I could have known ‘then’ what I know ‘now’. How many heartaches and headaches could I have prevented? How much money could I have saved, and how much time would I have spent differently?

So as not to make the same mistakes again (or for the third or fourth time), I hope these notes will serve as a reminder of the truths I have found along the way. I know it’s a long shot, but as I have so often benefited from the notes of others, maybe my notes might actually help someone else as they travel through this journey we call ‘life’.