Day 28 – Websites

The past few days have been great! I’ve been able to finish up another website and I’m currently working on two more. In addition to that, Bonnie and I have had a chance to relax and simply enjoy each other’s company (this is, after all, our honeymoon). Today, Duke and Candy (President of Board of Directors and his wife) arrived and Spencer cooked up some steaks as it is his 65th Birthday today! It was a great meal and we all had a blast. Having Duke and Candy here is great! Duke gave me a really cool Smith & Wesson knife as a gift (which is funny, since it was his birthday). This ministry really is more like a family than just an organization. See Philipeans 2:4-8.

The next team comes in on Friday so we’ve been planning out their schedule and prepping for their arrival.

We also had a meeting with Maximo from the CCA Church this morning. CCA has a program where they build “Yellow Houses” for the poor in the rural community just a few miles out of town (up in the mountains). The next team that comes in will be building one of these houses, so we had to make sure everything was in place for their arrival.