Day 24 – Tired

Early this morning we said goodbye to our new friends from Marble City, Mississippi… They really were a great team!

Right after they left we had a staff meeting and debrief… And the rest of our day was left at leisure. This afternoon, we headed to the park as Brock and Luis had a basketball game for the rec league they are playing on. One of their teammates didn’t show so I actually got to sub in a couple of quarters which was fun.

All in, I am absolutely beat. Long days and hard work coupled with uncomfortable living conditions (4 minute showers… after that the water is ice cold) makes for an emotional draining experience. We head back to Costa Rica tomorrow at 5:30am. And though we’ve loved Guatemala, we are excited to get back to all the comforts of Costa Rica :) I never thought I would be saying that! God definitely showed us how good we have it in CR… No complaining here.