Day 4 – Aruba

We landed in Aruba this morning and took our first excursion entitled “The Best of Aruba”. Since we are considered both Crew Members and Passengers, Bonnie and I were able to go on this excursion complimentary, in exchange for helping get the 500+ Passengers seated by their excursion groups in the morning, prior to disembarking for the day. Since Aruba is such a small island (6 miles long, 6 miles wide), there wasn’t a whole lot to see. The majority of the island is covered by desert rock and cactus. Fortunately, the final stop on our excursion was one of the many white sand beaches, which made everything worth while. During our next two stops in Aruba, we plan to spend all of our time snorkeling and hanging out at the beach.

After coming back on board, we held the last of our glazing sessions for our pottery students and then headed to dinner where we ate with the nicest two couples ever: Mary Ann, Jerry, Roger and Jan. We’re hoping to run into them again.

On a side note, I received some more info on the mission trip… It looks like my time abroad will be split between Malaysia and India! More details to follow. Please pray for me.

Until next time,