Day 13 – Mission Update

We made it through another day of lessons… All is well.

Now, onto the real news: I just received some more info on my upcoming Mission Trip! Here is the schedule as it stands right now (I think it speaks for itself):

June 12th – 17th: Training in Owensboro, KY
June 18th – July 3rd: Mission Work in India
July 4th – August 7th: Mission Work in Malaysia
August 7th – August 11th: Debrief in Owensboro, KY

As exciting as this news is, I am definitely in need of your prayers! Satan is not happy about me going on a Mission and discouragement is around every corner :(

All kidding aside, I cannot do this alone. I need the support of all my friends and family in one form or another in order for this mission to become a reality. At present, there are not many details of the trip I can talk about; the areas to which we will be traveling are hostile to Christians, and they would expel us from the country by force should they discover our true motives. Additionally, due to the rising cost of oil ($118/barrel was the last I heard), airfare is getting ridiculous, and thus the cost of the trip is increasing. Another stress, but I have faith that God will provide. As a matter of fact, out of the blue and completely unsolicited, I’ve already had a good friend hand me $1000.00 (cash!) in support!!!! [Don’t worry, all documentation will be provided to make it tax deductible…] That said, here is the where my financial support currently stands:

Airfare: $2,700.00
Room/Board: $1,900.00
Total: $4,600.00
Donations: $1,000.00
Pledges: $0.00
Balance: $3,600.00

Though I’m not much for asking for help, the Lord has put it on my heart that I am not to do this alone (neither spiritually or financially). Additionally, over the past year, I have had so many conversations with people about how “everyone contributes in different ways to the work of the Kingdom… some volunteer locally, some go overseas, and some just write checks.” Thus, I see this as an opportunity for the “check writers” : ) Feel free to drop me an email if you would like to make a pledge and I will get you all the details.

God is love.

Until next time,

PS. To make it official, here is my invitation letter:

March 30, 2008

Dear Omar,

Hey there. I hope all is well in your world of walking with Jesus. It is exciting to hear of the heart God has given you to be involved in what He is doing around the world to bring people of every language to Himself. Thank you for your interest in the specific assignment of Worship Foundations International within God’s global purposes.

Our assignment is this: to impact culture by impacting its musicians, particularly student musicians. One of the most effective ways to change a culture, whether for God or for “the world”, is to impact its musicians. As in America, music and media drives culture around the world in an increasing manner, even in non-Western countries. Therefore, if we impact musicians and artists for Christ, we impact entire cultures for Christ. This opportunity must be seized with urgency and fervency.

We are doing this by sending college bands to play on campuses all over the world, generally developing relationships with students, specifically developing relationships with national college musicians, and eternally changing culture. Cross-cultural relationships will be developed with both believers and unbelievers alike.

With much excitement, we anticipate what our Lord will do through you and your efforts this summer to bring glory to His name and eternally change culture. It is a very serious thing to be an ambassador for Christ, whether at home or abroad, and we know that you will take the weight of this responsibility to heart. However, it’s also going to be absolutely exhilarating.

We look forward to journeying with you. Thanks and peace.

Your fellow friend of Jesus,

Martin Allen, president
Worship Foundations Int’l