Day 21 – Caught Smuggling!

Today started off pretty interesting… We disembarked at 7:30am in order to beat all of the passengers through customs as we weren’t taking our luggage off, but only our backpacks. Apparently, carrying gifts for our friends in our backpacks wasn’t the best of ideas. You should have seen the looks of the Immigration Officers when they pulled out the Costa Rican Cigars and Jamaican Jerk Sauce from my bag, only to find two pounds of Colombian Coffee in Bonnie’s bag!!! Needless to say, they made us take everything back onto the boat until we officially disembark and run all of our luggage through customs. I figured so long as we weren’t trying to bring back any Cuban’s with us that we would sail right through. That said, there are no gifts in the mail. : (

We spent our entire day at Panera Bread where I fixed Bonnie’s computer and uploaded all the code I had been working on for the past few days. Once back on board, all was well.

Until next time,