Day 23 – 52 Countries in 1 Year?!?!

After Bonnie casually mentioned to the Cruise Director (VP of Passenger Services) that we had cancelled two days worth of lessons due to not having, a box of clay magically appeared five minutes later! I’m pretty sure his subordinates who had been giving us the run-around about how long it takes to process the inventory got an ear full…

Having received clay, we held a few lessons during the afternoon during which we met the most interesting couple; Chris and Sandy are 27-year-old Electrical Engineers from New Zealand who are in their four month of a “One-Year-Around-The-World-Trip”!!!! They have already been to Antarctica and throughout South & Central America and are now on this cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Anchorage Alaska (30 Days). After this, they will be spending a couple of weeks in the U.S, before heading to Europe for 4 Months. After two months in Asia, they will be heading home. Over dinner, we learned that they are skipping Africa as they had already been to all the cool places there (including the Ngorogoro Crater and they climbed Mount Kilimanjaro!!!) Completely intrigued, I questioned what something like this would cost… The answer: approximately $85K per person.

Who’s coming with me?!?!

God is love!

Until next time,