Day 29 – Ship Activities

What a great day! For the first time, we took full advantage of the activities that are constantly happening on the ship during our Sea Days. We started off the day by holding our last pottery lessons of our contract. After that, we headed straight to one of the onboard bars for the 2pm “Classic Rock Concert” (keep in mind the average passenger age on this cruise is 65 years old). Though the music was great, it was tough to tell if the crowd still had a pulse, not to mention the volume was cranked all the way up to “4”. : )

Once the concert finished, we got roped into playing a Team Trivia with our new friends Chris and Sandy Tucker. (That’s right, this guy from New Zealand’s name is Chris Tucker! “It’s Friday, you ain’t no job, you ain’t got jack to do!”) Anyhow, we ended up winning Trivia (and the nicest set of luggage tags you’ve ever seen) by correctly answering the tie break question: Average # of hairs on the Human Head?

After trivia, we all got cleaned up and headed to one of the fancy-pants restaurants on board called the Bayou Cafe with our friends Chris / Sandy (New Zealand), and Mike / Rose arie (Vancouver). I went ahead and polished off the 30 oz Porterhouse as I doubt I will be eating many steaks while in India : )

Finally, we ended the night by checking out the comedy show in the theater which ended up being really funny.

God is love!

Until next time,