Day 40 – End of Chapter

First thing this morning, Bonnie and I caught the shuttle to Vancouver Airport where she would be flying back to Tampa and I would be taking the bus to Seattle…

After forty amazing days, we are faced with the decision whether we will be sad because they are over or happy (and grateful) because we had the opportunity to experience them together. Being the optimist that I am, I walk away from this experience with a huge smile on my face. : )

For the next few weeks, I will be traveling throughout the country, visiting family, and slowly making my way to Owensboro in order to attend my Mission Board training session. During this time, I’m going to limit my blogs to once or maybe twice a week, but I will start doing them daily again once I land in India and throughout my overseas trip.

As far fund raising goes for the Mission Trip, here is where I stand:

Airfare: $2,700.00
Room/Board: $1,900.00
Total: $4,600.00
Donations: $2,100.00
Pledges: $400.00
Balance: $2,100.00
(54% to plan)

God is love!

Until next time,