Day 42 – Seattle, WA

Well, the original plan was to meet up with my brother-in-law Bob while here in Seattle…. Unfortunately, his new job called him out of town the day I arrived so I have been left home alone. :( Normally, this wouldn’t be a bad thing as I am staying at his house, but because he and my sister are in the process of moving back to Utah, the ENTIRE house is completey packed up! Seriously, I’ve been drinking straight out of the facet for two days because I have been able to locate the box labeled “glasses”…

Overall, my time here in Seattle has been great. No TV, no Internet, no noise. The weather has been gorgeous so I’ve been walking down to the shopping center for lunch (about 1.5 miles away) and crusing through the Best Buy (one of my favorite hobbies :) All in, the quiet time has served as a much needed break.

God is love.

Until next time,