Day 63 – Atlanta, GA

I’ve got two words for you: Southern Cooking.

The past five days in Atlanta have been fantastic. Not only did I get to meet up with Bonnie again, but we were able to stay at her Grandma’s house and make it up to Rabun Gap too! At her Grandma’s, we were fed like Southern Royalty: Green Beans, Sweet Potatos, Roast Beef, and the all-time greatest Macaroni & Cheese I’ve ever had!! (sorry Mom…)

After a couple of days in Atlanta, Bonnie and I headed up to the boarding school where her Mom (Holly) and step dad (Nick) work and live. The school is called Rabun Gap and is located in the mountains (hills) of North Georgia, just below the Carolina border. Simply put, the place is gorgeous! Out in the middle of nowhere, the campus is wide open and surrounded by nothing but green rolling hills (mountains, if your from Florida). To keep with the theme, on our first night in town Nick made a huge BBQ feast: Monster Ribs, which were so big I literally think they came from a monster, grilled peaches, coleslaw, and some grilled sweet potatoes! And if that wasn’t enough, the next day Nick’s parents treated us all to the world famous Dillard House where the food just wouldn’t stop coming!!!! Last, but not least, we can’t forget Nick’s Mom’s homemade Strawberry Ice Cream… Delicious.

Once back in Atlanta, Bonnie and I headed to Braves’ baseball game with her Aunt/Uncle/Cousin. Because I didn’t take any pics in ATL, I used the one from our Costa Rica Rafting trip above since the disc the rafting company sent just arrived today.

All in, getting a chance to hang out with Bonnie and her family for the past five days has been nothing short of extraordinary. After nine months of hanging out everyday, it is definitely going to be tough not seeing her for two months. : (

God is love.

Until next time,