Day 70 – Team Building

Today was a really great day… We started off the morning with some prayer and some worship songs and then jumped right into our team building activities. One of our assignments is that each of the team members has to take turns telling our life story / faith story, complete with all the messy details about our pasts and what circumstances drove us to Christ. As you can imagine, the day was extraordinary and emotionally exhausting all at the same time. So far, only have of us have given our testimony (myself included), but everyone has been incredibly open, honest, and vulnerable thus making the time so meaningful. Though we have only been together not even thirty-six hours, we have already done some serious bonding.

We spent the afternoon working on potential songs that the group could perform and actually got some rehearsal time in. All of the musicians are very talented and their strengths are all very complimentary. After seeing the group coming together, I am even more stoked about our summer together!

This evening, after dinner, we worked on some more team building activities and then came to the home of the guys’ host family to hang out in the basement and relax.

All in, life is good. : ) I am soooo amped for whatever it is that God has planned for us.

God is love!

Until next time,