Day 71 – More Training

Today was another good day. We spent the morning doing cultural training / personal stories and then the band rehearsed throughout the afternoon. After dinner, we spent some more time working through cultural training and ended the night with our second-to-last personal story…

As great as it is to learn about my fellow team members through their sharing of the personal stories, it really is an emotionally draining experience! This is in addition to really long days and very little personal time. That said, this is going to be “par for the course” over the next two months, so difficult or not, I have to get used to it.

One stress I do have… My HD Video Camera will not power up off of the battery! It works fine when plugged in, but is hosed otherwise. I’m praying that it is just the battery, but I’m thinking it may be more serious. Having to leave the video camera behind would be a bummer, but I still have the dSLR which should be plenty to keep me busy.

Despite being drained, I am still very excited about the journey that lay ahead! Please keep myself and my team in your prayers.

God is love.

Until next time,