Day 72 – Technical Difficulties

We started the day off with a really good Bible Study about how God defines “Beauty” and how that contrasts with how we as Americans define it…. Pretty deep stuff!

The rest of the day consisted of church, eating, rehearsal, team building, and trying to fix my stupid video camera. Unfortunately, it appears that the battery circuit in my HD Camcorder has fried. I went out and bought a new ($100) battery for it today, but to no avail. Sony wants a flat fee of $500.00 to fix it or they will give me $300.00 for it towards a trade in / upgrade. (I paid $1,500.00 for it 15 months ago!) Since the camera still works when plugged in, I’m going to have to “make lemonade” for now. One of the other guys on the team has a video camera as well, but he is only going for two of the eight weeks. That said, I guess God has plans that are different than mine with regards to what my role is supposed to be on this trip… My idea was to create a video documentary. I have now surrendered that dream. Either way, I still have my dSLR, so we’re still in business.

God is love.

Until next time,