Day 73 – Dress Rehearsal

Today was our last day of training… As you may have guessed, another 15 hour day. Good stuff all around, but once again exhausting.

Two highlights for the day:

1. We had a guy named Byron come in to facilitate one of the training sessions on “Arts in Ministry” and how we should see ourselves in the mission field. The guy was amazing and dumped a wealth of information on each of us… I’m sure it’s going to take me a few days (if not weeks) to sort through all the concepts he presented.

1. We had our final dress rehearsal this evening and it went very well! The band did a full hour set of both mainstream and christian music and the sounded great (especially for only having known each other for less than four days). While they were playing, I was working on taking pics and learning how to use my camera better in a low light setting. See above pic.

As an added bonus, guess what we decided to call the band? “De La Paz”!!! For those of you who don’t know, “De La Paz” is Spanish for “Of the Peace” and also my mother’s maiden name (and my second last name in Spanish culture). They wanted to call the band “omar bravo”, just cause it sounded cool, but we decided to go with the former as it carried a more meaningful message. : )

All in, I am super excited to get on the road. We fly out tomorrow at 6:00pm from Nashville to LAX. I’ll have my phone all day, so feel free to hit me up if you get a chance. After tomorrow night, my iPhone will be retired so my response to email will be a little slower than normal, but still faster than most of you : ) Internet cafe’s are prevalent in Bangalore.

God is good!

Until next time,