Day 23 – Digging Trenches

This morning we had the opportunity to work on one of the Deep Stream houses! The house they are building this month is for the family of a local Pastor who has been living in a Sunday School classroom with his wife and four children for the past four years. His name is David and he seems to be a really great guy. And though his church packs out every Sunday, the congregation is very poor. Thus, God put in on Brock’s heart to bless his family with a new home. :) As this project is just getting started, the team today was responsible for digging out all of the trenches for the foundation. Though it was tough work, it was a blessing for us to be a part of this project.

This afternoon, we delivered the fourth and final chicken coop to a family in Buena Vista. Afterwords, we went on one last prayer walk and then headed back to the team house for dinner and worship. The team from Mississippi leaves in the morning and they will definitely be missed. I have no doubt that they have all had a life changing experience here over the past week and they have definitely brought a lot of smiles to the people here.