Day 86 – IT Fellowship

Today, I spent the morning in the office and then we headed out to the Botanical Gardens after lunch… Nothing too exciting. In the evening, the band performed at the Monthly IT Fellowship where many of the Software Engineers in the area get together. In the middle of the performance, I got the opportunity to talk about my background in IT and how my faith story has altered my career path. It was really cool as half of the people in attendance were IBM employees, so we had an instant connection! Essentially, my message was that though money can buy a lot of things, it cannot buy purpose, peace, joy, or fulfillment. These things can only come from God. (Above is a cool pic I took of April during her set.)

After the performance, we headed over to the dinner party that we were invited to by the guy we met at the coffee shop yesterday. It turned out that the guy was actually a pilot for Indian Airlines and lived in the penthouse of one of the nicer places in the city. His daughter is actually releasing a CD next month and he was hoping that we might be able to help promote it. Though there’s not much we could help with, we did have a nice jam session with a couple of the other patrons at the party. Not to mention the hourderves and dinner was really good.

All in, it was a good day.

God is good.

Until next time,