Day 88 – Farewell Tour

Today was our last day in India… As such, we decided to go out on a high note. Paul and I started off the day by heading to the spa again for another massage. This time, we both got the Sports Medicine treatment, which basically means they do WWF style “elbow drops” on you for an hour. Though I will be sore for the next few days, it was well needed as my neck was really bothering me yesterday.

After the massage, we headed to the Bible College down the street where the band was supposed to perform during the morning service. Unfortunately, the rest of the group was late and we missed our slot. Paul and I decided to stay for the service anyway and it’s a good thing we did: The students had a guest speaker that morning who was absolutely on fire!!! In front of a crowd of about 125 people, he surrendered the mic and his voice completely filled the hall. In less than 30 minutes, this pastor hit so many points: Surrender, Obedience, Control, Deception, Legality, and Love. It really was an awesome message.

Once finished at the College, we headed over to Paul’s house as he and his wife Anita had invited us over for some home cooked traditional Indian food. Absolutely amazing!!!

The rest of the day was spent doing some last minute shopping and getting all packed up for our red-eye flight to Malaysia.

Though our stay here in India was only for two weeks, it really does feel as though I have lived a lifetime here. The people have been so welcoming, the food is the second-best in the entire world (right after Mexico), and our experiences will remain with us forever.

Unfortunately, two of our team members (Ted & Wes) left us today so that they could return back to their homes. For the next two weeks, it will just be me, Ross, Amber, April and Josie. On the 16th, Melissa will be joining us for the remainder of the journey.

God is love.

Until next time,