Day 91 – Settling In

Last night was really warm. Even with the fan on, my skin was damp all night. It actually reminded me of the hot summer nights in Utah when I was growing up (maybe 5-years-old) when my brother Noel and I used to share a bed… With no A/C, the fan pretty much just blows the hot air around. That said, God is good.

This morning, we made our way to the school library where we were able to get online and check some email. Whoohoo! Though the computers are very outdated, beggars can’t be choosers. I still haven’t figured out how to get my Mac on the network, but I’ve got some leads… After about two hours online, it was time to meet up with Jerry to go over our church schedule. As our weekdays will be occupied with the English classes and after school student activities, our weekends will be booked with Youth Group and Music Performances. All in, our time here is pretty well packed. One of the highlights is that we will be helping out with the Passion Conference in KL where the rumor is that we will get to meet with Chris Tomlin and Louis Giglio!!! Talk about a perk! Kind of funny that we had to come all the way to the Passion Conference in Malaysia when we could have attended the one in Atlanta quite a bit easier. : )

This evening, I met up with the 18-year-old guys I played ball with yesterday for a short set and then went for a 2 mile+ run through the city (they closed the track just as we were stretching).

All in, another phenomenal day.

God is good.

Until next time,