Day 94 – MMUCF

First thing this morning, we had an impromptu meeting with the Principle. Over breakfast, he informed us that we would be doing a 1-Hour performance during tomorrow’s assembly. Though it is short notice, I’m sure we can handle it. Candidly, this is a really great opportunity for us as the entire student body (2500+ students) will be in attendance! In actuality, this will be the biggest crowd we will have performed for (the second biggest crowd was 125 people : ) The picture above is of the team during our sound check / dress rehearsal.

After breakfast, the Principle escorted me to the IT Office to see if they could help me get my MacBook on the schools network. After 90 minutes of useless attempts to connect to the internet, it miraculously worked. Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to connect in my room, so I will have to continue to check email in the library during office hours and upload this blog whenever I can sneak into the IT Office… Probably twice a week.

While in the IT Office, I learned that some of the classes offered are Flash, Dreamweaver, Video Editing, and Photoshop!!!! Talk about a perfect fit for me… Basketball, Volleyball, and Computer Geeks! I spoke with the Media Instructor today and we are going to discuss how I can help out in these classes.

This evening, we headed over to the local University to attend their Christian Fellowship gathering. The audience was a lively bunch made up of about 75 college students. The environment was much like 97 West.

All in, the day was great. No basketball, but I plan on fixing that tomorrow.

God is good, God is love, God has a plan.

Until next time,