Day 102 – Banner Day

I started off by making some major progress on the intro of the India video. After that, we headed out for a walk through the city to do a little bit of gift shopping. Just as we were getting back from our excursion, Jerry pulled up and he has Melissa (our sixth team member) with him! As great as having Melissa with us is, what made her arrival even better was that she brought the letters that you guys had sent her!!! Those of you who have spent time far away from home can sympathize with me when I say how great reading all of your letters was!!! It truly did make my day (and I shed a tear, of course).

Next up was my 10K run with one of the guys from the track team… It was a combination 10K run and a tour of the city. We ran over this bridge that gave a great view of the water, then we ran to this old church (1521) that is situated on the top of this hill in the middle of the city! You could see everything from here! After that, we made our way through all the local neighborhoods and then finally back to the school. Though I thought I would be dead after this run, I actually had enough energy to play three games of basketball before hitting the showers.

In the evening, the group took Melissa out walking around the town where we got a bite to eat at this smoothie shop we found. After all of this activity, I’m going to sleep like a rock!

God is good, God is love, God has a plan!

Until next time,