Day 104 – Rained Out

What a day!

This morning, we met up with Ron, a local guy who invited Ross and I to golfing at his country club. Knowing how much I love golf, there was no way I was going to miss this. So, at 7:00am Ross and I were on the curb, in the drizzling rain. With hopes that the morning rain would cease, we headed to the course with Ron. Unfortunately, that drizzle turned into a monsoon! (see above picture) This was especially saddening since the course was a really, really nice 27-Hole mountain (hill) course in a natural preserve. It was actually designed by a former Prime Minister of Malaysia. So, instead of playing, we sat in the club house and drank coffee. We may try to play again next Friday.

Now, if getting rained out wasn’t bad enough, on our way out of the golf course, Ron’s car ran out of gas!!!! As one of his friends lived near by, he called him to bring us some gas, to which his friend responded that he was “on the way”. For the next hour, Ron called his friend every three minutes and yelled at him as he hadn’t arrived, and each time his friend responded that he was “on the way”. After an hour and about 20 phone calls, we see a guy walking down the road in the distance. We all get out of the car and Ron calls again…

“Are you getting close?”
>> “I’m right in front of you” replies the man walking down the road carrying a water bottle full of gasoline.
“What happened to your car?”
>> “I’m low on cash and my car doesn’t have any gas, so I had to take the bus.”

You can’t make this stuff up… The guy takes the bus to the gas station, fills up a bottle of water with gas, and then takes the bus / walks to meet us since we have run out of gas, in the rain, and over twenty phone calls, never mentions he is taking the bus! After this, a comedy of errors ensued, but we ended the morning with a great lunch at an authentic Malaysian restaurant.

As it was a really long morning / afternoon, I spent the rest of my “day off” relaxing and watching movies on my laptop. Tonight, Bonnie and I got the chance to talk on the phone for about 90 minutes, which was really great!

God is good, God is love, God has a plan.

Until next time,