Day 105 – So Busy

Today was great!

We started off by having a 7:00am breakfast at the Worship Pastor’s house… His wife made an awesome breakfast complete with chocolate cake, muffins, fried chicken, rice, cheese egg casserole, guacamole & crackers, samba (chile / salsa), and mango steam fruit! So delicious!!!

After breakfast, we headed to the church for band practice. That was followed by a Youth Day Event where we ate lunch and played a bunch of team building games (Human Knot, Over-Under, and Beach Towel Volleyball) in the parking lot all afternoon. The picture above is of my team after we cheated to get our “human knot” undone. Once we finished with Youth Day, we headed over to the IFC for African Night where a number of the University Students from Africa were hosting a dinner and music party. Of course, more food… This was great because the food was a mix of traditional dishes from Kenya, Sudan, and Botswana along with some Indian / Malaysian dishes. Though I wasn’t even hungry to begin with, the food was so good I went back for seconds! BBQ Ribs, chicken, curry, beans, rice, fruit custard, and the kicker: Ginger juice with apples! (Not ginger-ale, straight ginger-juice.) At the end of the night, many of the Africans started dancing and the team joined in… But those pictures are reserved for later blackmail.

A long day (7am – 10pm), but well worth it!

God is good, God is love, God has a plan.

Until next time,