Day 107 – Senior Design

I had one English Class this morning and then headed to the Computer Society’s Senior Design Contest this afternoon. Since I have been teaching classes in the IT Department, I was actually invited to be one of the six judges on the panel. All of the projects were either videos (i.e. fictional movie trailers or music videos) or animated intros for video games. Candidly, these projects collectively impressed me sooo much! For only being seniors in high school, these students have art skills, technical skills, and creativity skills well beyond their years…

The best projects started with hand drawn sketches of the characters that were then scanned into the computer and made into a graphic (vector image) using either Flash, Illustrator, or Fireworks. After that, they would add color, motion, music, and complete moving backgrounds to make a 90 second movie. On project took 45 hours to make and was only 30 seconds worth of animation. The winning project took the two student team six months to complete!!!! All in, it was really cool. Not to mention, I received a 1GB Thumb Drive just for being a judge! (pictured above is one of the classes)

After the competition, I hit the courts for about 40 minutes and then went for a 1-mile run.

God is good, God is love, God has a plan.

Until next time,