Day 110 – Youth CF

I taught two English classes today and then attended a student meeting this afternoon to discuss the formation of a CF (Christian Fellowship) at the school. This was really interesting…

You see, though there is every other kind of student group at this school, religious groups are not allowed. Thus, the students (on their own) simply meet in between classes, at lunch, and at restaurants off campus. What is so interesting to me is that these students are only fifteen years old and are completely going out of their way in order to do what they can to establish a Christian Youth Group!!!! It actually blows my mind how dedicated and aware these students are to the need for community and a social network for them and the other Christians in their school… Especially when I think about how many of us take for granted the Christian communities that surround us and we never take advantage of them. Whereas the Christian population in the U.S. is reportedly in the 80+ percentile, it is less than 6% here.

All in, the meeting was great. We sang a couple of songs, the students sang “How Great is Our God” in Chinese for us (this was really moving) and that was about it. We encouraged the students to continue working towards school recognition, but that they were doing all the right things in the meantime.

This evening, I got to talk to my Mom and Dad as today was my Dad’s 82nd Birthday! They both sound absolutely great and I’m so excited to meet up with them in Mexico in just three short weeks!!! Hearing their voices from the other side of the world was a real treat and made me all the more homesick. : )

I took the picture above of some kids during basketball practice today.

God is good, God is love, God has a plan.

Until next time,