Day 111 – 40 Day Fast

I was supposed to go golfing again this morning, but just like last week, it was pouring rain all morning. So instead of golfing, I spent most of my day off simply laying in bed watching movies. After 110 days of travel, I really am starting to wear out…

This evening, we headed over to a local church as today was the kickoff for the “40 Days of Fast and Prayer” here in Malaysia. Apparently, this is the fifth year of this event, but this year is much more significant… Here in Malaysia, the government is in some serious friction. During the last election, the ruling party (which has been ruling literally forever) won the election, but they didn’t get the necessary two-thirds majority and thus the opposing party is calling for the Prime Minister to step down. There seems to be a lot of corruption in the politics and just last month, gas prices rose 40% almost overnight. Thus, the community is calling for change and the churches are turning to prayer and fasting.

Tonight’s service was really cool as it was held in four different languages… English, Mandarin (Chinese), Bahasa-Malay (Malaysian), and Tamil (dialect of India). The picture above is of my friend Louie singing his lungs out!

After the service, we dropped the girls off at the hostel and the guys went out for dinner and midnight movie… We saw the new John Woo movie called “Red Cliff”. As it was only “part one”, I’ll have to wait to see the rest before I comment. : )

God is good, God is love, God has a plan.

Until next time,