Day 112 – Peanut Sauce Fondue

Today, the IT Faculty and Staff invited the group to have lunch with them… The meal was called Satay-Everything (ok, so I made that up). Essentially, there is a Peanut Sauce called Satay here that they dip their meats in. Well, today, we treated the Satay sauce like a fondue sauce and dipped everything in their including (but not limited to): vegetables, bread, mushrooms, fish, crab, chicken, pork, and tofu. It was all delicious!

After my food settled, I got in a 5K run. After that, I washed all of my underwear in a bucket… Not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but we have to wash our own undergarments. Though all of the our laundry goes to the laundry service around the corner (for a small fee), apparently they don’t like to wash undergarments (even though they use washing machines and dryers?). Thus, once a week, I get to wash all of my underwear in a bucket and then hang them up to dry on a towel rack… : )

In the evening, we met up with some friends and went walking through the city. (picture above). Nothing crazy, just a quiet Saturday night.

God is good, God is love, God has a plan.

Until next time,