Day 114 – School Days

Today, I taught to English classes and both of them went well. After class, we headed across the street to small restaurant where the student CF meets once a week to fellowship. Though the group is really small, it is a blessing to be a part of what seems to be just the beginning of something much greater that God has planned. The meeting was really low-key… We just sat around and talked for about an hour and then headed out.

After the CF meeting, I headed to the basketball courts. A quick 90 minute set, and I was done. Shower, read, sleep.

As I don’t believe I have addressed this yet, I want to discuss my experience here at the school… Candidly, it’s what I would imagine being the most popular kid in school was like. (I can only imagine because that was never me). The difference here is that unlike the popular kid, I do my absolute best to be nice to everyone and say hi to everyone. This is no easy feat though! In addition to all Jr. High students in my English classes, I also know a ton of the High School students through the I.T. courses I have been teaching. Additionally, there are all the students who stay in the hostel with us and all of the guys whom I play basketball with and go running with. That said, I have had the opportunity to interact with many of the 2,500 students here, and while walking through campus, they all want to say “hi”. Even while they are in class, I’ll be walking by and they’ll yell out the window: “Omah!!” (That’s right, they don’t pronounce the “r” in my name, so it’s “Omah!!!”). The faculty and staff in the I.T. Department is equally as nice and accommodating. Because I’ve taken on some of their classes, they are constantly feeding me. The last time I was in the office, they brought me Dragon Fruit, Ice Cream, and Cookies!

Today, the two students who won the Senior Design competition brought me copies of their projects so that I could show their animated movies to my friends (how nice is that!). (screen shot pictured above). Additionally, one of the guys offered to design me a really cool graphic wall paper for desktop! As I was one of the judges and they both were winners, I think this is their way of saying thanks.

God is good, God is love, God has a (better plan).

Until next time,