Day 119 – 31 People Saved!

The morning started off well as we opened the morning session with a worship set at 9:00am. After than, I was trying to finish the Power Point slides for the next music set and my laptop completely dies… No matter what I do, I can’t get the dumb thing to start up. Oh well, everything happens for a reason and the show must go on…

Clayton gave a solid talk on “God’s will for your life” that I think really hit home with the college kids. After the morning session, I was able to connect my hard drive to Melissa’s computer and pull all of the music slides off of my laptop so that I wouldn’t have to redo everything. And as painful as it was, I successfully completed all of the slides for the evening session on the church’s PC… God does provide.

During the evening session, Clayton spoke about God’s grace. (The picture above is of Clayton describing his intense love for Durian fruit! : ) At the end of his talk, he made an unexpected “Alter Call” and out of a crowd of 500 college students, 31 people gave their life to Christ!!!! Talk about amazing… Like nothing I had ever experienced. After the session, the place was just filled with good vibes!

God is amazing.

Until next time,