Day 120 – Emotional Overload

We started off the day with a completely chaotic sound check for a church service this morning. The band was hurried, I hadn’t finished the power point (since my computer died) and the service started earlier that we had originally expected. Nonetheless, God came came through and the worship set actually turned out great and the church had all the song lyrics I was missing! I ended up not even having to run the power point as the regular guy handled it all. This was a good thing, because I was an emotional wreck…

This morning, all of the built up emotion of the past seven weeks started over flowing. Though this trip and overall experience has been absolutely fantastic, it has also been emotionally exhausting: Excitement from the new experiences, Sadness / Loneliness from being away from home, Frustration from working under difficult team dynamics, circumstances, Discomfort from different living conditions (no A/C, cold showers, squatty potties, sleeping under a mosquito net, zero privacy), Joy from watching God move, Fulfillment from being obedient to God’s calling on your life, Strength from the constant exercise, and an amazement of how little control we really have. And thus, the emotion could not be stored anymore and it had to come out. So I spent the morning with my eyes full of tears. Not enough to smear my mascara, but enough to fill my eyes. : ) And so went the rest of the day…

This afternoon, we headed to the KL leg of the Passion ’08 Conference World Tour!!!! What a moving experience! Being as slippery and competitive as I am, I managed to snag the entire team seats, center stage, third row, as soon as they opened the doors. Chris Tomlin started the night off with great set, followed by the Charlie Hall Band. After that, Louie Giglio gave an absolutely awesome talk… Tears again. To finish up the night, Tomlin came out again and raised the energy with his new song “Sing, Sing, Sing!” During this song, I think I released the rest of the built up emotion. Singing at the top of my lungs, jumping, and pumping my fist with four thousand Malaysian college students took it all out of me!

After the concert, we got one last chance to hang out with many of our friends from the University as they were all going on Summer break and we wouldn’t see them upon our return to Melaka. Thus, we took a ton of group pictures and said our last goodbyes.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

God is amazing.

Until next time,