Day 123 – Multimedia Society

I started the day off by running 5K. As the air in Melaka is hot and humid, I count running in the heat of the day the same as spending an hour breathing in front of a humidifier. Hence, my cold seems to have taken a back seat today.

For lunch, we met up with some friends from church along with a group of about 20 college students from the U.S. who were here on a quick two week mission trip. After that, I headed back to the school as today was the last Wednesday we would be in town and Wednesday’s are “Club Meeting Days”. As I promised to attend the Multimedia Society Club meeting, I couldn’t go back on my word. So, I showed up, gave a quick 45 minute lecture on Professional Digital Photography and then hung out with all the students for the remainder of the afternoon. What a great group of students! They even gave me one of their club polos which is a really nice souvenir! (Picture above)

After the meeting, the team headed to a nice Chinese Restaurant with Headmaster Lie and a couple of the resident english teachers. The dinner was great and for dessert we had a special treat of Durian popsicles!!! Like I always say, ice cream makes everything better.

All in, today was another great day.

God is good.

Until next time,