Day 127 – Goodbye Melaka

This morning, we lead music at SBC for the final time. It was a great worship set, but it was also sad to say goodbye to our Malaysian family after the service was over. : (

During the service, I picked up a great quote from the guest pastor who said… “The famous last words of a church are always the same: ‘We’ve never done it like that before.’”
I really liked that sentiment. “You can’t expect the same actions to produce different results.”

In the evening, Auntie Maurine took us and the entire youth group out for “beef bakute” which is a Malaysian delicacy made up of beef stew and rice. For those familiar with menudo, it contains the same ingredients, but in a stew! ; ) It was delicious!

After dinner, we went back to the church for another round of taboo with the youth group and then we talked Job into showing us some of his breakdance moves! (Pictured above) I swear, there is nothing this kid can’t do. I think he and I are going to get a bachelor pad on the beach when he moves to Florida to go to college.

God is good.

Until next time,