Day 128 – Rodney

First thing this morning we jumped in a van and headed to up to KL to start our long journey home… When we arrived at KL, our host Rodney was their to meet us and take us out for a farewell lunch. On our way to lunch, Rodney gave us a tour of some newer areas in the KL Metroplex that were really neat and we even got to stop by one of the big Mosques which was interesting.

Over lunch, Rodney told us a bit more of his story which was cool because he is a really great guy who is truly doing the Lord’s work. Quite inspiring… Group pic with Rodney above.

At about 3pm, we headed to the airport and off we went… After 32 hours of travel, we should arrive in Nashville at about 9:00 am tomorrow morning.

God has a greater plan.

Until next time,