Day 133 – Mexquitic

My cousin Armando (who is an Architect) built a small Christian Retreat Center on some land he owns up in the hills just outside of the city. So today, we all decided to take a trip up their and stay the night… What a blast!

All together, there was about 40 of us who came and stayed the night… Though that may sound like a family reunion to many of you, that was only half of my immediate family and my cousins from my Aunt’s family. Throw in four or five dogs, and once again, a party occurs! (A recurring theme seems to be developing… Group picture above.)

The retreat center is really nice and right next to a reservoir. Unfortunately, the water was a little too cold to get in (we’re at about 6500 ft above sea level), but the air temperature was a perfect 78 degrees. Thus, we entertained ourselves with great food, drinks, and the usual “sitting around making fun of each other”. To spice things up a little more, my cousin Gil set up a De La Paz Family vs. Bravo Family Ping Pong Tournament! Though the Bravo Family got smoked, we went down fighting! (Not to mention our cousins had the home court advantage!)

Truly, this day was fantastic! Being surrounded by so much family and love is such a blessing like no other.

God Always Provides.

Until next time,