Day 135 – Guanajuato

This morning, we got an early start and boarded our own private tour bus at 6:30am this morning to head off to Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende for the day. As there are so many of us traveling together, and because one of our cousins owns a Bus Line, we decided to go ahead and contract our own tour bus for the day of adventures in some nearby (3 hours away) cities…

Our first stop was in Guanajuato, a historic city built in the 17th century by the Indian Slaves under the control of Spanish Conquistadors. As it was originally a mining town, the entire place is built in a what I would consider larger than a canyon but not quite a valley. Either way, the houses are virtually stacked on top of each other. (picture above)

After a morning of cruising through the town and a visit to the Museum of the Spanish Inquisition (which basically demonstrated all the torture tactics that the Jesuits used on the Indians to convert them… Idiots), we headed to San Miguel de Allende. SMA is another small city, but it has been overtaken by American Artists of all types and has become a very nice little tourist stop in green hills of central Mexico. After walking around the town for a while and checking out all the shops, we found ourselves on a restaurant patio in town square, enjoying some drinks, some snacks, and the end of a good day. Thus, we hopped back on our tour bus and slept throughout the three hour ride home.

God Always Provides.

Until next time,