Day 146 – Goodbye SLP

Today is our last day in Mexico… : ( As such, I decided it would be only fitting that I spend most of the day sitting at the kitchen table of my Tia’s house. This was made very easy as the conversation was flowing as soon as we heard that Sarah Palin had been selected as McCain’s VP!!! What a surprise… Things just got a lot more interesting.

I spent most of the day finishing up some design projects while visiting with the number of relatives that were stopping by. This evening, Hilda and I headed over to my cousin Chela’s house to finish up some embroidery projects that I had been working on with her son Gerardo. Simply put, his design skills are awesome and he’s only 17 years old!

Though I’m almost never sad about leaving at the end of a visit anywhere, I really have had such an amazing time here with my extended family, I really am sad about leaving… : ( This evening, I was telling Armando how this trip has been so much “different”… And I immediately followed up that statement by saying that “maybe I’m the one whose different.” : )

As I have no idea what God has planned for the future, I really do hope to return here to SLP soon. Hopefully within the year! From here, I’m heading to my parents house in Utah for a couple of weeks before I will return to Florida… My older brother Efren has been called by Uncle Sam to come out of retirement and retake his post as a Major in the U.S. Army… Rumor is that he will be heading to Afghanistan at the beginning of October. Anyhow, we’re planning to have a going away party for him and I really wouldn’t want to miss that. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

God Always Provides.

Until next time,