Day 19 – VBS Activities

This morning we headed up to Buena Vista again, but this time we went to the Elementary School to play games and do VBS activities with the students! What a blast… I honestly can’t believe how well behaved these children are. What amazed me even more was the fact that 4th, 5th, & 6th graders were happy coloring pictures of Adam and Eve! In the U.S., it seems as though a 6th grader isn’t interested in anything but playing on MySpace, chatting online, and text messaging their friends. Kids here are still “kids” and none of them know who “Hannah Montana” or the “Jonahs Brothers” are. They do know all about Spiderman and Wolverine though.

In the afternoon, we headed to another local barrio called “El Gorrillon”. This neighborhood consisted of people who were displaced by hurricane Mitch in 1995. After losing all they had, the government gave them a plot of land up in the mountains. Since then, they have build an entire neighborhood (no running water) and three years ago the government built them a school. Anyhow, we visited with a number of the families and then held a VBS session in the school yard for around 90 kids from the neighborhood.

I am so far from the halls of Corporate America…