Day 16 – Deep Stream

God has so blessed us with such a great group of people here in Guatemala… Spencer (6:8 Executive Director), Brock and Kerri (a couple who is starting a ministry here called Deep Stream and Spencer’s best friends from Jacksonville – they have three kids), Amy (a 24 year old, single, white, female from Minnasota who moved here to work with Deep Stream / 6:8), and Luis and Sarah (a couple who met Brock and Kerri over Christmas vacation and then sold everything they owned and moved here from Michigan with their two kids last month to work with Deep Stream).

In other words, God has surrounded us with a bunch of “crazy” people just like us who are doing everything they can to follow God’s will for their lives. :)

Deep Stream is focusing on building houses for the poor folks in rural areas of Buena Vista. At present, a church in Florida (who had been raising money for a new building) decided to give their entire building fund to the poor. Part of that fund is going to support the Deep Stream project which is on track to build 12 houses in 12 months!!

Thus, we spent the entire day hanging out with these folks, running errands and picking up supplies for the team from Mississippi that arrives tomorrow.